Leeds Hypnotherapy Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation Policy:

- Atleast 24 hours notice is required if you cannot make your appointment. Half the session fee will be charged if you fail to turn up without sufficient notice. ​


- As per the AfSFH’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, unless there is obvious risk of danger to the client or the therapist, everything discussed within a session is strictly confidential

- Client records and details are kept as per General Data Protection Regulations, 2018 (GDPR). 

- If this is the case, your explicit consent will be obtained if we ever need to contact your GP.

- Sometimes I may consult the opinion of my supervisor or other therapist, in these cases any information given would be anonymous.

Client Participation:

- The client must consent to full participation in the therapy process, including listening to the audio CD/download provided. All clients must sign a consent form to agree to full participation of the course, including outside of the sessions.

- Whilst hypnotherapy is incredibly effective, success is not guaranteed and will only work with the client's full cooperation.  Results may vary from person to person.

- Please do not attend your session under the influence of drugs or alcohol, anyone failing to adhere to this will be asked to leave the session and charged full price.

-Hypnotherapy is NOT magic and won't make your problem disappear with the wave of a wand or use of a swinging watch.

Code Of Conduct and Ethics:

Leeds/LS17 Hypnotherapy adheres to a strict Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics. You can view these HERE.

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