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Sports & Gaming Performance

"Hypnosis can help harness your  energy, focus,  and concentration...."

Be a better gamer with Leeds Hypnotherapy


Introductory Price

Gaming Performance-

£50 per session

Be a better gamer!

As well as sports, another area i'm interested in providing hypnotherapy for is video gaming.  E-Sports is an incredibly competitive environment, with gamers training for hours to tune their skills in order to compete amongst the fastest, most sharp witted people on the planet. 

  • Improve Gaming Reaction times

  • Stop routine in-game bad habits (accidental button pressing, muscle memory control etc)

  • Increase confidence

  • Control game related anger problems

  • Improve Stress related distraction

Amazing gamers have reaction responses which can equal sportsmen. Therefore it stands to reason that hypnosis can help with gaming too.

A good example is focussing on annoying habits in gaming. Does your muscle memory always reload rather than switch to your second weapon when in a  "1HP!" situation? Perhaps you'd like to change that? This is something I did for myself as it was habit to always hit reload rather than switch weapons, which lost me a lot of 1 v 1 fights over the years.    

Maybe you panic when your team is viewing you and your confidence gets the better of you?  Gaming Performance Hypnosis can help with that too.

Gaming Hypnotherapy Sessions are currently £50 per session. Multiple sessions are required to take full benefit of the hypnosis process and full participation is required outside of sessions (audio recordings and other homework).

Unfortunately this service is for people aged 16+, however this is subject to change.

Improve your concentration, reaction times and use visualisation to help you win those games. Get in touch for a free initial consultation to find out how Hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnotherapy has been used effectively for mental health problems, phobias, quitting smoking etc for many years. But a lot of people don't know it's also used in sports to help improve performance. Whether it's to combat performance anxiety, match nerves or to fine tune your technique, hypnotherapy has helped a number of athletes achieve their goals over the years.

Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Nigel Benn, Frank Bruno, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and Glen Catley are just a small handful of notable sports people who've used some kind of hypnosis to help improve their game.

Performance Hypnosis can help harness your  energy, focus,  and concentration and has been used in sports for decades.