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Hypnotherapy sessions throughout Covid.

In an effort to keep sessions going during this very difficult time I am currently holding appointments online via Zoom.

Please note, you must have access to a web cam and something you can listen to audio with (headphones would be ideal).

Also, you will need an area to lie down and relax, hopefully with some peace and quiet.

It won't be long until we get our new office!

Around May/june time we'll hopefully have access to our new office. It's been over a year since we've seen clients face to face and we can't wait!!

We've decided to maintain online sessions UK wide!

Due to the success of using Zoom we've decided to continue offering online sessions for people who prefer it that way, but also so we can extend our services to UK wide!

Is Hypnotherapy for you?

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Feeling lost?

Do you feel that your life is limited by your own thoughts, behaviour and emotions?

If so hypnotherapy could be the thing for you.  We help you understand your brain and therefore give you keys to manage it, freeing you from behaviours you might have otherwise felt stuck with forever

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